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13th Annual Al Swanson/KHND Kid's Fishing Derby

Saturday August 2nd, 2014 - Schroeder Memorial Park at "The Beach" in Harvey, ND

Stats from this years Kid's Fishing Derby:

99 Fisher Persons

168 total fish caught

39 Northern, 1 Perch, 128 Bullheads

Awards Sponsor Winner Time Stat
First Fish Caught First International Bank & Trust Tanner Bollingberg 9:02 AM 15 oz Northern
Most Fish Caught Midcontinet Communications Westin Opdahl *** 51 Bullheads
Smallest Northern Caught First State Bank
Maci Reutter 11 AM 2 oz
Largest Northern Caught North Dakota Telephone Company
Ethan Eckart 11 AM 3 lbs 5 oz
Smalled Bullhead Caught Farmers Union Oil of Velva Levi Opdahl 11 AM less than .5 oz
Largest Bullhead Caught Harvey Oil/Little Mart C Store Matthew Jund 10:28 AM 6 oz

More photos located on our Facebook page!


Fishing Derby Sponsors 2014 Page 1 Fishing Derby Sponsors 2014 Page 2


Fishing Derby Sponsors 2014 updated Page 3

bikes fishing2014

trophys fishing

Some of the MANY prizes that could be won!


Al Swanson, KHND and/or local sponsors will not be liable for any
loss, injury or death related to attendance of or participation in the
Al Swanson/KHND Fishing Derby.


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